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Krystine R's Bio

Hello everyone, who is seeking for a naughty beauty with brains!

I am a talkative, open-minded, fresh and passionate beauty, who cannot wait to learn and explore her sexuality. I have quite extraordinary way of thinking, don't be surprised and follow the game. You might learn about yourself more than you think!

I am absolutely addicted to challenges (offer me something!), compliments, sweet attention and laughter! I believe that sincere smile is the shortest way to somebody's heart.
I enjoy travelling, science (I am a bit nerd), sports, walks in nature, reading, writing, yummy food (chocolate!), movies, deep discussions and conversations with interesting people (you!).

I am brand new in here, so I appreciate your advice. I like being guided and told, what drives you crazy. Tell me all your dirty fantasies and lets make them real! At first sight I might seem like an innocent baby angel but soon you will discover, that behind the sweet face hides a gorgeous naughty devil!

With me you won't just feel better. You will really become better!

I am also offering a free Snapchat subscription: krystinerxxx


  • If you could have any super power, what would it be? Teleportation!!!! It’s my dream to travel the world without „driving, flying, riding…“ stress. Imagine, having a breakfast on the top of the Pyramid of Giza, having a morning run on the Great Wall of China, brunch with a great book and cup of coffee in one of the Venice floating cafes, chilled walk up to Machu Picchu, lunch in my Thai friend’s home, meditating in Hanging Monastery, dinner in Paris with the look on sparkling Eiffel tower and falling asleep in Atacama desert under billions of stars. If I wouldn’t be afraid of heights, I would probably choose ability to fly but teleportation sounds also incredibly awesome!!!
  • What are your pet peeves? There are actually two of them. Firstly, I can't stand stupid people. With this I don't mean any formal education level or high IQ...Being open-minded, kind, respectful and having a desire to learn, explore and improve are these qualities what actually matter for me. Secondly, I hate boring talks...or maybe "hate" is too hard word...I simply avoid boring conversations. So whenever you feel that I am incredibly slow to answer to your 100000th "hey, h r u?"...try to approach me differently.
  • Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?) Only earrings.
  • If you could close your eyes and wake up somewhere else tomorrow, where would it be? On another habitable planet...just because I am madly curious how much "alone" we actually are in our Universe.
  • If you were about to be put to death, what would be your last meal? Les Galettes with smoked chicken, blue cheese and sun-dried tomatoes from my favorite french cafe.
  • Who's your celebrity crush? There are way too many of them...
  • What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod? Not sure whether it's embarrassing or rather cute but I have a whole collection of Disney songs! When describing myself, I can’t go around the fact that Disney movies (especially princesses) were a big part of my childhood. I have always been sort of naive and "innocent" with my thoughts. I firmly believed that goodness beats wickedness, light defeats darkness and love is the most powerful force on Earth. Even now when I know that real world is not clearly white and black, in every darkness there’s a light, in every light there’s a darkness, I wish to believe that miracles still do happen.
  • What's your best party trick? Boobs forward and shoulders back, ass out and stomach in, smile widely... and grab your free drink!
  • It's 4AM after a crazy night out – what are we eating? Assuming that it's a really crazy night am I supposed to remember this?!
  • What's the strangest thing in your fridge right now? Famous Norwegian Brown Cheese...
  • What do you feel sexiest wearing? ...or not wearing...
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  • joxemari
    the best, I am falling in love :-)
  • joxemari
    the best
  • joxemari
    the best
  • Duke101
    Honestly, the most genuine and smartest girl you will ever meet on here! She is truly wonderful to talk to and so good in bed :P
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