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Adriana Siena
Adriana Siena
28 Years Old, United States
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Hey lovers,    Thanks for being Ah-mazing and bearing with me while I've been on a hiatus! Looks like next week shall be more promising for me to be able to get online more frequently and oh yeahhhh....add some hot and sexy new content in here. You guys deserve it!
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Lots of 3's in the date today,  Good morning lovers,  So last night I ended up getting called into work. I was rather disappointed I had to throw my cam schedule off so early in the week, but eh...such is life I suppose. For some reason they were short staffed at the hospital last night and as luck would have it, had a lot of patients. It was madness for a good solid 3-4 hours I'd say. I was whipped when I finally got home around 11pm.  I don't have to work today so I will actu
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Good morning loves,  Welcome new fanclub members! I am so excited and happy to see you in here :) I hope you are excited to be here...pun intended ;) hehe just a quick heads up, a couple of you have messaged me and mentioned that there has been issue with my last few videos not downloading and/or not playing properly. I have contacted staff to take a look and my guess is, it will be fixed up by tonight. Sorry about that! Not sure why it has been a little buggy.  In other news, which
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You may have noticed that I've been adding some sexy, new and a bit more risque updates. Well, I am here to tell you that I'll be adding more. My goal for this month is to add a total of at least 5 new videos in here for you and so far I've added 2. Did you look at my leather pant pic set? Those pants are me so sexy! I had them on my wishlist forever and finally someone requested I get them...sure am glad they did because they looked and made me feel hawt! hehe  Keep your eyes peeled for m
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Yeah, I've been bad again. I have come to the conclusion I am spread just a little too thin. Between trying to pay my school loans off and actually get somewhat ahead financially so I can achieve other dreams of mine I have gotten lost in the midst of wake up, go to work, come home, repeat. While I enjoy my job, I'm also burnt out. I miss hanging out with my friends and family and I really miss being here with you guys!  I don't want to be too much of a downer, but I find it is best to be
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My first 2013 post! A week into it hehe, yeah...I've had a hard time being active on cam and in here.  Tis the season I suppose. After I finish my coffee I am planning on creating some new content to soon add in here. Unfortunately, my whole day can't be dedicated to cam stuff like I had hoped it would be. I have an appointment later on today that kind of throws a wrench into those plans. Stay patient, lots of goodies are to come!    xo Adri
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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!    I wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday. I hope that this Christmas is everything you hope it to be and more. :)    xoxo Adri
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Well, it is the 22nd of December. Looks like we made it through the apocolypse. hehe. I really didn't put much faith into the whole end of the world prediction for the 21st. I certainly think that due to recent events and the tragic ones that continue to surface there will likely be a breaking point. Not neccesarily meteorites crashing into  the earths surface and scorching everything in its path but I think people may become consumed by their paranoia.  I hope there is change before
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Mmmm coffee is the best thing about Monday mornings. Coffee is really the best thing about any morning. I'm not much of a morning person, more so now than ever before because my job has kind of forced me to become one. Ya know, that whole "having to have a good bedside manner" thing? Winter however is not my favorite season, there isn't even a pretty sunrise while I go through the motions of the morning to glimpse at. I suppose winter has it's own set of "pros" like the holidays. Christmas is a
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Phew!    Been a busy day "off" today. I have been running errands in this crappy weather, inlcluding a little Christmas shopping. I'm not going all out this year like I have in years passed. It's too much damn money to buy everyone something. I have a huge family. Not to mention, it is hard to know what to get everyone. Everyone has different tastes and already own different things, etc. I don't like to buy things for people just for the sake of buying it. I prefer it be of some valu
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Hello lovers,  Sorry for my lack of contact. I MISS MY LAAAPTOP!  I sent it back because it either came with the wrong charger or had a defective battery and they didn't install or include the programs that were supposed to come with it. I'm waiting now for my amazon account to be credited again so I can order a new one. It helps me to stay in touch so much more!  How was your Thanksgiving? Did you guys have a nice one?  I certainly did. I love spending time with my famil
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Well, it's that time again.  Time for another mchat! If you are a member of the members area and are free tonight, come say hey. :) I don't have anything super special planned but I'm sure we will have fun regardless.  I've been feeling a little under the weather these past few days, the good news is it isn't anything severe just some sort of virus. I haven't been sick in ages and I can't say I miss this feeling, sore throat, run down, headaches, fun stuff let me tell ya. I am drinki
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Looks like I'll have a little time this week to be here :)  Nov 6 (Tueday): 1pm-3/4pm EST Nov 7 (Wednesday): 3pm-6:30pm EST That's all that is for certain as of right now, we'll play the rest by ear as it gets closer.  Typically I dread Mondays (very long days) but I am trying to start my new years resolution sooner and have a more positive outlook and instead of naming all the reasons I hate Mondays, I'm going to go with the perspective that it is a good thing, another day for pro
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Happy November

2Happy November

Tis Turkey month! Well, the month of turkey day... Either way we are moving that much closer to the end of the year. Before the year's end I have more sexy updates I'll be adding. Of course, some sexy Santa's helper photos/video will be in here come Christmas time and I'm thinking something Thanksgiving themed this month. I never did get around to do much halloween content, just my nurse pic set. Which I hope you guys enjoyed. I've been saving some other pictures that are a tad more risque to a
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Are you

2Are you

guys ready for a new picture set yet? ;)
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new fan club members!  Thank you for joining gents :) so happy to see some loyal guys returning and new ones joining.  I'm totally wishing I also had today off but I was "lucky" enough to get yesterday off. My friend and I had a pretty good time last night, we just went to a local bar and had a couple drinks. Somewhat of a low-key night but fun none the less. Social time comes rarely for me since starting my current job full time, so I treasure the moments where I have human interact
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Good morning!  It's Friiiiiday! I would say "finally" but this week has flown. It became Friday rather quickly and boy am I grateful for that. This Friday actually has some significance. I have the day off!  I'm super excited!  I'll be online for a couple of hours today (probably from about 3/4pm EST-??) if I can get on sooner I will. Did ya guys check out some of the recent updates? I added a few more reccorded shows. I found a loophole with the assistance of some techy people
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Hey! 10-2-12, has it really been that long already since I wrote a diary entry? Wow. Sorry guys!  I'm still planning on camming. My life has been hectic as usual. We aren't going to get into that this post though. I want to say than you to my continued supporters. I <3 you guys. Thanks to more than a handful of you I was able to purchase a new laptop a few days ago (it arrived yesterday). I was a little nervous about buying it online and having it shipped to me, but it worked out well.
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:)  How's it going?  It's very much a fall day here, gorgeous and crisp with lots of trees changing colors. Such a beautiful time of the year. I just got in from picking up a couple packages from the post office of some goodies that arrived from my amazon wish list. I updated my wishlist a few days ago and hopefully you guys don't think I'm super greedy but I added a laptop on there. It's only $500.00 for a brand spanking new laptop that looks pretty neat (it's red) the more that tim
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Hello lovely gents,  Happy Thursday, we are beyond humpday and on the home stretch to the weekend (yes!) not that this weekend will be much of a "weekend" for me. My week kind of continues on into Friday night and Saturday. Lucky for me I get Sunday off and I plan on doing absolutely nothing. One of you maybe wanna spoil me with a vacation to the bahamas or some place warm, tropical, and secluded where I can lay on the beach with a fruity cocktail and just listen to the waves? :-p I'll mak
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