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Katherine Knowles
Katherine Knowles
28 Years Old, Spain
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That Time Of The Year

2That Time Of The Year

I love Christmas, it is one of my favorite holidays of the whole year.  Everything about it makes me happy.  What are some of your favorite Christmas things?  Here are some of mine. Music, everywhere you go now they are playing Christmas songs.  The grocery stores, shopping malls, and radio stations.  I’ll be driving along in my car, singing to Frosty the Snowman or Jingle Bells or any that I know the words too.  Even if I don’t know the words,
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Time for some goodies

2Time for some goodies

Hi guys, I know I have negleted you and my FClub lately and I intend to fix that ASAP. I've been dealing with all sorts of issues these past 3 weeks; but I'll start taking care of my FanClub again really soon. I'll make it up to all of you.And I have a feeling you'll love what you're about to see starting with next week. PS: Here is a tiny hint: how does some nude pics sound like? :P Muahh, Katherine  
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Snaptacular September

2Snaptacular September

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great summer, I know mine was wild hehe. Since autumn is right around the corner I have decided to be a good girl (as some of you love) and to spoil you with some gifts. And what better ways to spoil you guys if not with daily pics? This is why starting from 1st September until 1st October my Snapchat will only be $20. That’s right, 20 credits for a whole month of daily pictures! You want more? How about $30 credits for 2 whole months? It’s up to you
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Hot summer days

2Hot summer days

Hey guys, Well here we are right in the middle of summer! Bring on the heat! I love the hot weather and all the wonderful things that come with it. What are some of your favorite summer time activities? One of my favorites (some of you will definitely know this) is going to the beach. Whether for a day, a weekend or a whole week. I just love heading to the beach. Laying on the sand soaking up the sun getting my tan on, playing beach volleyball or other games with my friends, heading out
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Fun with Barbara Belize

2Fun with Barbara Belize

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I know mine was. Just came back from a short vacay hehe. I got to spent some time with Barbara and we had so much fun! The only thing that we're sorry about is the fact that we couldn't cam more (as you guys might have heard by now, the site was down for almost the whole day on Friday, which kinda messed up our plans). We might repeat the experience soon though, so stay in touch for more updates about it! See you around, beau
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Funny posts

2Funny posts

This is what a friend of mine posted on a social network earlier. Thought it was way too funny not to share it with you guys. Haha! "You women pierce your nipples, tattoo yourselves, remove hair with tweezers, hot wax your lady parts. You get plastic surgery and get silicone injected into your tits. But when it comes to taking a dick in your ass suddenly it hurts too much.” Poor guy, guess he just had one of those uneventful, disappointing nights :( Have a great day, guys See you aroun
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Merry Christmas everyone!

2Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey guys! Well, the time is almost here!  Christmas is right around the corner, yay!!  Have you guys been naughty or nice this year?  Naughty I hope!! ;) Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  That time of year when it seems like nothing else matters other than treating each other with respect and putting aside all differences to enjoy this special time.  The really great thing about Christmas and the holiday season is it brings so much hope and joy to so m
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Men cooking up good stuff

2Men cooking up good stuff

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Well I’m here to tell you that works both ways as well!  I love foods.  All different kinds of foods and I love trying new things.  If a man can and will cook for me, that is a sure way to get my attention on him.  He doesn’t have to be a master chef, but if he knows his way around the kitchen and can plan out, prepare, AND clean up after a decent meal......well then he will probably be gett
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Playing hard to get?

2Playing hard to get?

Now, why would women find elusive men more attractive? Wouldn’t it be more practical to entertain men who openly expressed their interest? Because mystery and elusiveness is fundamental to our very nature. We first become conscious of our ability to be mysterious and elusive when our caregivers can no longer anticipate our every need - especially the need for a relationship. Playing hard to get, when done right, introduces a particular sense of depth to the mysterious and elusive phenomeno
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Do we really want multiple orgasms?

2Do we really want multiple orgasms?

Hey there guys. So I've been thinking about this for some days now. Do women actually want multiple orgasms? Or are some women okay with just one, or none? Rumors say that for men to truly please their women, they need to give her multiple, over the top orgasms and become a master lover. How realistic is this? Just because a woman’s body allows her to be primed for multiple orgasms after the first one, does that mean she really wants one? I'm curious to find out what you guys think
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Happy all the time

2Happy all the time

I consider myself a very happy person. I enjoy living every second of my life. Even though I find happiness in myself, I do wonder why others aren’t as happy as I am.  After observing my life and others, I found out there are some things I do differently. So, maybe that's the secret of being happy. It surely works for me :) I listen to good music. Music makes me happy. Good music affects the brain the same way love does, by causing the brain to release dopamine, a
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Red is for passion

2Red is for passion

Eve gave the red apple to Adam and led man to his downfall. Subconsciously, red is the color of sexuality. For a long time prostitutes have worn a red item of clothing or accessory as a code - and there's the red light in brothels. Fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood, a metaphor for the tempted child who discovers her sexuality too early, have perpetuated this association. Some cultures are still against wearing red. And yet in Spain it's a common color and associated with flamenco and
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Sex issues that should not exist

2Sex issues that should not exist

I don't know if I am naive, but I am a little surprised that in 2014 there are still guilt related sex issues roaming around. We've had a Sexual Revolution, the Play Boy empire and Fifty Shades of Grey ... yet some women still carry guilt. *sighs* And they don't talk about it: they just accept that maybe they can't/won't have orgasms. Oh, no. I'm not saying people should constantly talk about sex -- that would devalue it. I'm just surprised that some people still want to make others feel
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Phone sex

2Phone sex

What do you guys think about it? I personally love it. I think it's for people that want this kind of interaction or just want to please each other on certain levels. A lot of people use it for long distance relationships or maybe just to please themselves, just because. Either way, I love it and I do it whenever I have the chance to do it. Plus, it can be a great way to keep your relationship interesting if you have distance issues. It’s all about imagination and your tone of voice.
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Random dirty thought

2Random dirty thought

You know that feeling when he presses his cock against your pussy and pauses to drive you insane to the point where you whimper and squirm around while trying to get it inside you? It’s one of my favourites.
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Being sexy

2Being sexy

Like beauty, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. However, unlike beauty, sexiness is less about outward appearances and more about the aura that someone gives off. It is essentially someone who is confident and self-assured about who they are and how they look. Sexy means confidence, means attitude, intelligence. We are bombarded with millions of images each day telling us what sexy is. Magazines, celebrities, television, internet all sell you their version of sexy. Trying to get you
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Freeze tease

2Freeze tease

Lots of things are better on ice and believe it or not, sometimes even sex. Yep, as it turns out, the secret to one of the most mind-blowing things in a couple is sitting right in your freezer. I know what you’re thinking: How can something so freaking cold make your sex life hotter than ever? Because touching warm skin with ice activates the branch of the nervous system that’s responsible for sexual arousal and erection, or at least that's what I've heard. :) Stimulating our
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Cam Girl of The Year 2013

2Cam Girl of The Year 2013

Cam Girl of The Year 2013... Wow! I don't even know what to say... Thank you all for your kind words and wishes as well as for all the support you have  shown and given to me during this last month and year! I couldn't have done it without you, you are such an amazing group of people and I couldn't be more happier to be a part of it! CamWithHer is an amazing community and I am happy that I've been given the chance to meet each and one of you.   And now .. time to celebrate it w
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Go wild

2Go wild

Animal prints. I love them. Who doesn't? There's something about them that just makes you feel in charge of the evening. But heating up a romantic evening for two isn’t so much about the lace, or the garter, or even the thong you’ve chosen to wear. A man will get excited at even the tiniest bit of lace peeking out from inside your shirt. And, I've learned that the colors and patterns of what you wear let your man know how fast or slow you want your evening to go. Leopard print
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Dirty Talk

2Dirty Talk

Believe it or not, almost all women love dirty talk. They may blush or shy away, but honestly, they really do like it! Some women may prefer a more romantic style, while others want to hear hardcore details and expletives. Regardless of what style a particular woman prefers, almost all women love hearing something while doing the dirty. Plus, dirty talk can spice up your sex life, even though it’s hard to know what to say and when to say it. If you say the wrong thing, it’s ea
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