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Lanie Love
Lanie Love
27 Years Old, United States
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September, She Tastes So Good :)

2September, She Tastes So Good :)

Hello everyone! September is an exciting month, in fact, it's my FAVORITE month of the year! Why, you ask? Because it's my birthday month! That's right, I'll be 23 next Thursday, the 26th. Obviously it's just another day and I'll just be  year older, but why not celebrate in an amazing way every year? Birthdays are fun when you're young because someone makes a big deal out of it, well make a big deal out of your own! Go crazy! lol I also love September because it's the beginning of Fall! I
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Sex With Me

2Sex With Me

Favorite position, you ask? Well I have to say "anything from the back", although, I love sexy so much, any position is great. Why from the back, you say? Well, because when I'm bent over or you're entering from the back, your dick gets so much deeper. I can effectively take every inch of you inside of me whereas from the front, our legs are kind of in the way so you can't get as deep. The same effect happens when riding. Once I sit on it, omg the sensation! There's no going back from there. I c
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New With Lanie

2New With Lanie

Hello hello! I hope all is well :) What's new with me? I'll be doing a couple of photo shoots this weekend! Super excited aboutt hat. One is more of a fashion, new clothing line shoot, whereas the other one is lingerie and playboy style. It should be fun! I'll be sure to let you knwo all about it! Pretty much my daily life includes working out and camming. So what'e new with camming? Well I have a lot of new outfits on the way, which I'm super excited about! I already have a ridiculous amount o
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First Member Chat

2First Member Chat

Tonight was my first MChat! It was so awesome! Most of the room were people from the forums, but it was still a blast! I love showing off my body and personality to people. It's interesting to see how everyone reacts. It's important to me to put on a good show. I always work the angles and do close ups, I just want you to see every inch of me :) I wore fishnet thigh highs with lace, full back lace panties with teal satin, and a black bra. I stripped out of it and showed off my body while dancing
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Pick Up Lines

2Pick Up Lines

  Okay so I was at the bar last night and I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed in the male species. The pick up lines and "tricks" you guys try to use are just ridiculous and in no way effective. Well maybe on some girls, but if you're looking to land a hot, smart, awesome girl like me, then listen to this advice. Results may vary pending on looks, style, how you carry yourself, and of course the girls' taste in men. Personally I go for the men (Keyword: "men"), who are confident, dr
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Slave Boys & Fetishes

2Slave Boys & Fetishes

  I'm very excited to announce that I have a new bitch boy. I love my bitch boys and slave boys. They make camming a blast! ALong with all my cam2cam shows of course. I love all of the crazy things I can make them do. They're such little bitches who like to be controlled. I could tell them to lick the bottom of my feet after running a marathon barefoot and they would totally do it. I love being on cam and having them worship my ass and tell them how patheitc they are. It's not act of domin
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Cam Model Life

2Cam Model Life

Hey guys I know it's been a while, but I've been working on my website and other business ventures. It's quite fun! You can head on over to to see my cam schedule, buy my Clips4Sale videos directly, see photos, and sign up for a free membership to get special offers and updates monthly. You get all of that here and more but I just wanted a master calendar of all of my shows coming up so everyone can keep up.   Anyway, so I told you about how I masturbate and how I rub my
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Ahhh I've been relaxing lately as well as camming A LOT! My holes aren't sore YET but I feel like soon they will start to be. I hate when that happens. My holes are so fragile! My pussy is so tight, it just closes up the more it gets used. After sex, I can barely get a finger in! Maybe a turn on to you but it's actually quite annoying. I wish my pussy would stretch at least a little bit! Anyway, this entry is pretty short. I hope all is well with you. I'm going to go to bed :)    Mua
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Lesbian Fantasies

2Lesbian Fantasies

Today I shot a lot of content for the member site of CamWithHer. I did an oil video, oil photos, and photos of me in my maid outfit I wore on cam today. Thigh high fishnet stockings, a short skirt with white lace, and a matching bra, so sexy. I love it! I ordered some new outfits with an Amazon gift card a customer got me, but they haven't come in the mail yet :( So what to wear tomorrow? Hmm... I have a very large variety of lingerie and outfits. It would take a long time to run out of outfits
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Sundays and Addiction

2Sundays and Addiction

Hmmm, I had a retty chill day today. It's Sunday! Typical day. I woke up, and made some videos for my clips4ale. We're looking for a new roommate so we had appointments all day for people coming to view the room. They all were weirdos lol so the search continues! So stressful though, only one week left to find someone. Oh well, don't want to think about that right now. I'm still horny as ever. I hope that as I get older it never changes. I love my sex drive! I fantisize all day long about what I
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Hmm so let's talk about how OBSESSED I am with women and tits. I see a nice pair of tits and my pussy just tingles with longing delight. I love it so much! I swear since I was a little girl, I loved girls. They're just so much prettier and graceful tahn men. Girls are so soft and beautiful and I just love them! Guys are great when I want to be rough and dominated, but girls are so nice to have too. I wish I had a girlfriend in addition to a boyfriend. I wish it weren't so taboo to have both! I j
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Oh How I Love...

2Oh How I Love...

Last night it got pretty late so I was headed to bed. My bf came in behind me, bent me over, and lifted my skirt up. I kept telling him I was tired and that I couldn't have vaginal sex for... various reason. He then pulled my skirt down and started eating my ass out. It felt SO good! OMG I love it so much. Soon enough, I felt his dick hard as a rock on my leg. I thought to myself "why is he doing this, he knows we can't have sex". Then I felt him push his dick in my asshole. Just a tiny bit! My
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Monday Funday

2Monday Funday

Today I cammed for a bit. You know, played with myself for a while :) And then I went to the gym. I worked out chest and triceps today with leg lifts for abs and 10 minutes of HIIT afterwards. It was intense! And rewarding :) I'm trying to get rid of the fat in my legs while maintaining my upper body. It's quite the task lol but I love bodybuilding and I love the challenge. Once I get the body I am more satisfied with, I think I'm going to compete in shows. We'll see though. Don't get me wrong,
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Oh the Wait...

2Oh the Wait...

I'm waiting for the photographer from last week to send me my photos. He said he was sending them on Wednesday. I thikn got sick or something, I want to see them though! What else do you have to do when you're sick besides sitting in bed on your computer? Well once I get them, I'll post some sample pics here, then you can buy the zipset. I'm telling you, these pics are HOT! I haven't even posted the pics from my last motorcylse shoot. Actually I think I did lol. Check them out! Anyway, I'm sitt
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I've been so horny, it's crazy. I love sex! I can't live without it. I'm definitely addicted! No joke. I masterbate every sinlge day, not just on cam but off cam. I LOVE cumming, it feels so good! I'll never understand how some girls don't like masterbating or having sx. It's crazy. I know you're probably wondering HOW I masterbate. Well I'll tell you my little secret. I wear a tight shirt or tank top, some kind of shorts with panties underneath, laptop on lap, and porn ON. The way I get the mos
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Camming and Blow Jobs

2Camming and Blow Jobs

I had so much fun camming today! I have to say this site is VERY different from other sites. It takes a little to get used to but It's fun nonetheless. I love making friends online. I love knowing that people ALL over the world are watching me. It's the coolest thing ever! Could you imagine? imagine a bunch of girls all around the world, bot hot, average, and not so good looking, all in love with you. All taking time to talk to you, see you, and compliment you. It's pretty awesome I must say :)&
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A Hello and a Relaxing Night

2A Hello and a Relaxing Night

Hello guys! Welcome to my member site! Here you will experience ALL of me. From what I do in my daily life, to photo shoot coverage, to updates on my life. You'll love all of my content as I have you in mind. I'm a model in my everyday life and I model everything from fashion, to nude, to bodypaint. You'll see it all on here! As well as random Instagram pics and selfies I take throughout the day. You'll feel like you practically know me! We're going to become BEST friends! lol Anyway, I upload n
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