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Natasha Adams
Natasha Adams
29 Years Old, United States
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Hot Holidayzzzz

2Hot Holidayzzzz

Hey guys! Haven't had a chance to blog in awhile, so I though I'd let you guys in on what's been going on in my world. Last year I was traveling and I didn't have a chance to decorate for the holidays. It just didn't feel the same celebrating Christmas without a Christmas tree, lights and everything else that makes the holidays feel special. So this year I wasn't missing out on dragging out all of my decorations, pouring some wine, playing Christmas songs off of my Pandora Holiday Playlist and
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How's Your Dirty Talk Game

2How's Your Dirty Talk Game

I think this is VERY important in your sex life. Hearing what the other person is saying during their most intimate moments can be quite the turn on! Hearing what turns you on in the moment or even a little instruction is super hot! But, it can also turn us off depending on how good the other person is in the language of dirty talk. We've all had that one time someone in bed said something that threw us off.. or for a loop.. even for just a minute. Don't worry if you don't think your dirty talk
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Spring Has Sprung

2Spring Has Sprung

Hello friends!     Been awhile since I've blogged so, I thought I would update you guys on my little life around here! :) As some of you have seen, I've been very busy working on my natural skin care line. I am so excited, because I have partnered with a little general store in a historic downtown district. It is really neat and my brand fits in quite nice with all the other general store items they supply! I really enjoyed working with my hands and experimenting, testing and enjo
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Namaste In Bed

2Namaste In Bed

Namaste In Bed Namaste in bed... you see this slogan everywhere now-a-days & I can totally understand the sentiment of this statement. I posted this week on social media about something that has come up recently in my life. I felt it was important to share, especially after hearing a heartbreaking story about a friend who may lose their job after suffering a mental breakdown. I won't share the details, but this really struck a nerve with me. I recently was diagnosed with mild anxiety &
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Thrill Seekers - Part II

2Thrill Seekers - Part II

Hi guys! Sorry for the two blogs right in a row, but I realized that last one was supposed to be put up a couple of weeks ago. Guess I forgot to post it between all the Summer time craziness! Oh well, now you just get an extra dose of Natasha today!!! Anyway, so where I left off last time was after Memphis at the end of May. I've done a lot in a short amount of time since then though. So buckle your seat belts folks, it's gonna be a wild ride! I just wanted to say that... lol. In June
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Thrill Seekers - Part I

2Thrill Seekers - Part I

Sandy Booty   Hello, Hello! Where are all my thrill seekers out there? If there's one thing I've come to learn about myself, it's that I live for the thrill. I seem to always push the limits in most everything. I really love learning & trying new things. Just this Summer I swam out in the ocean, hopped on a large paddle board and paddled my way out past the waves! I'm going to add that these waters aren't the safest you could go in either. Sharks and other large creatures frequent the
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Don't Kill Yo Creativity- Part I

2Don't Kill Yo Creativity- Part I

Boats n' hoes     Hey, hey my loviessss!!! I've been away recently & I thought I'd give you all a BIG update! So fasten your seatbelts, because I've got a lot to tell you guys! So much, I've split this blog into two parts since it will be so much to read! So stayed tuned beginning of next week for the second part! Where to start... Let's go back a couple of weeks to before I left for a big photo shoot trip that I will tell you about a little later. I was
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Bubbles & Wine

2Bubbles & Wine

Valentine's Day is officially a week away! What do you like to do for V-day? Are you one of those that like all the hearts, flowers & chocolates or are you more of a Single's Awareness Day kind of celebrator? Well no matter which category you fall into, I think I have a great Valentine's Day surprise for you! Best part you ask? That we are celebrating early & in style!!! That's right...tomorrow night at 8:00 pm, EST (Monday night) I will be waiting for you in a warm bubble bath
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New Year, Same Naughty Habits

2New Year, Same Naughty Habits

Through the Sunlight Happy New Year everyone! Figured it's a new year & wanted to blog a bit about new stuff, old stuff, and plain old naughty stuff! :) So for starters, I've been sooo busy with holiday events that I haven't been around as much as I'd like to! I tried to make up for that dearly by Post whoring my round little ass off!! hehe! Have you been in the forums lately? You really should if you haven't. I love stopping in there when I have the time and fooling around. I get lost som
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Flip Flops in the Sand

2Flip Flops in the Sand

The weather has been beautiful here. Cool enough for bike rides, hiking, and all the other fun outdoors stuff I love to do. I've officially been in my new home, new state for a year now. Wow, how time flies! I remember thinking it was the best weather when I first moved and now that same feeling is back again. I just got back from a short vacation too. Not far away, but a different beach. Go figure. I can't deny I'm a bikini and beach girl. It felt different this time. The sun was nice and bri
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Paddle Me

2Paddle Me

So it's back to school for lots of peeps out there. That puts one thought in my dirty mind. I'm sure you guys know what it is. School girls of course! Well, at least I'm talking about the of age kind. Dressed in a skimpy little school girl uniform with hair pulled in pigtails. She's bent over a desk while her professor is paddling her round ass cheeks for being such a naughty girl. Oh, excuse me I'm getting carried away. What I really wanted to talk about is role play.   Paddle me.
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Full photo set in my Fanclub from Professional bikini shoot up against this sexy old rat rod!!   Wow! So happy to see my blogs are working! I haven't been able to blog in a month or so. Couldn't figure out some settings in here, but I'm happy to see it working again! To more important matters, like today ending one of our largest promos to date for CamWithHer's 10 year Anniversary! Can you believe that?!?! 10 years is a big deal and I'm very happy to see all the guys getting involved and
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Amber's Seduction

2Amber's Seduction

I was walking down the hallway towards his office. I was so nervous. It was getting close to the end of clinics and I've had such a big crush on one of the supervisors. They just sent me with paperwork to drop off by his office before I leave. I can't believe I wore this dress today. Although, now that I'm seeing him I'm so glad I did. It's a tight black dress that shows off all my curves. Much too short and far too much cleavage for clinic, but most of the day I've been wearing my lab coat so
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Busy Bee

2Busy Bee

  Hey Guys!! Haven't blogged in a bit. I've been a busy bee. I figured I would update y'all on what I've been up to! Well I'm finally moved in my new home. Moving so far away from home was scary and exciting all at the same time. I've moved plenty of times, but never this far away from where I grew up. I think besides deciding to become a cam model, it's been the best decision of my life. I am loving it. I have a beach nearby, which has always been my dream. I take my pup for walks on the
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Life is Amazing

2Life is Amazing

This past month has been one wild ride! I was so excited to get to visit Vegas for the first time! It was amazing! First the parties, the drinks, the people, the shows, and oh so much more! I'm glad I got to spend an entire week there, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see and do as much as I did. On top of that I got to do TWO photo shoots just for you guys!!! They will all eventually be in the CamWithHer Members area for all you boys to enjoy. First shoot was at Red Rock. This pla
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Time To Play the Game!!

2Time To Play the Game!!

Member chat today at 4pm EST! I know, I know! Football is on! You can leave the pre-season games on and join me too! lol I promise I'll make it worth your time! We are going to start with a little game of our own and if you guys can answer them right then you will get to choose my fate! Wonder what you guys will pick.. I'm excited to see!! Thinking shower show, bath, ice, baby oil, outfits.. the ideas are endless so just think about what naughty things you want to see me do today! It will be you
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Hey guysss!!! So how many of you knew that I was born on the Fourth of July?? I know most of you probably do! If you didn't then you will now understand why I'm such a little firecracker! So with that said! I just wanted to make sure you guys know we are going to be celebrating my birthday + the Fourth of July a day early! Come join my birthday party in my Member Chat on Thursday, July 3rd, 10:00pm EST! :) I know it's a busy holiday for most people so I'm hoping you guys get to join me
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Naughty Girls Weekend

2Naughty Girls Weekend

June 27th & 28th Luna and Natasha Together for the First Time on Cam! That's right.. she's going to pop my girl/girl show Cherry  :) Oh my god!!! What a month already! First I get Cam Girl of the Month AND Customer Favorite? *blushes* Thanks to you guys of course! You make the time I get to spend with all of you sooo awesome! I can't even begin to tell you! Then Luna and I FINALLY have been able to set our naughty play date! This has turned out to be an amazing month! Guess what tho
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Updates and Love Notes

2Updates and Love Notes

Hey my amazing Fanclub members! Just a reminder that if you want to chat with me, leave me love notes, or make requests I have a comment section here in my Fanclub you can always message me on. I check them and will answer back if you leave a comment for me. Whether it be to tell me content  you're enjoying, what you want to see next, or just want to say hello! I love to hear from my fans and don't mind passing love notes. :) Speaking of updates.. there's some naughty stuff I've been addin
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Change Is Good

2Change Is Good

Well most of you guys already know, but if you don't already, I'll update you on my busy month of May. My company has been in the process of moving office buildings  the past couple of weeks. It's been quite hectic this whole month trying to get things setup and ready for the big move. I've worked out of my old office all this past week with nothing but a desk and computer. The place looked so barren, it was surreal. I'm sooo happy though. The new building is amazing. So much newer and clos
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