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30 Years Old, Canada
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Im mute!

2Im mute!

     I think god hates me because I keep getting sick and im hoping losing my voice is the grand finale! I used to be able to say that "I've never called in sick to work" but now thats a lie because theres no way I was able to work, I came into work on Friday with a high fever and got sent home because I started crying lol. How embarassing, i cant even face my boss now knowing she saw me cry :P Yesturday I had a raspy voice and made afew jokes about how sexy I sounded, but si
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A sexy weekend

2A sexy weekend

     Hope you all had a great weekend :) Mine was filled with work, chicken wings and pizza....mmm? Chichi has to go back to the vet tomorrow as something funky is going on with her foot, im not going into detail with this one as its pretty nasty and may invert your penis! This was my weekend party wear:         Pretty sexy isnt it? I've been talking to some photographers on updating my portfolio... my work is about 6-7 years old and so t
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Computers = gray hair!

2Computers = gray hair!

     Geeeezzzz! I was trying to upload my fanclub video and it wasnt working for the past three days and Windows 7 makes everything so different! Im not saying I hate change, its expected with technology... sucks when ur in a hurry though since everything seems to have gotten a facelift! Im keeping my poo desktop because the more I look at it... i more I fall in love with it lol.      Yesturday was a co-worker's birthday and since shes my favorite person
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About to feel normal again XD

2About to feel normal again XD

      What a week!!! At first my computer had to be operated on, my hard drive had to be replaced as it completely fucked up while defragging. Im surprised my laptop lasted as long as it did, usually im buying a new one every year... well mind u my shows were messier back than! You learn not to do that so often in order to make ur computer last :P My brother replaced the hard drive and put this as the desk top... I think hes trying to tell me my computer = shit!! :O &
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Planning is all I do lol

2Planning is all I do lol

       So im going to be volunteering at the Hospital in the end of April/begining of May, did my interview and she called my references.. of course they had a lot of nice things to say :P Im going to be Courtesy, so I basically greet and help people who are lost! Hopefully this will make it easier to get in and for any reason if it doesnt, I will just have to volunteer some more! I wanted to work in Maternity, but its the most popular area and it was too full for m
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My list is growing!

2My list is growing!

      I hope you all are doing great :) Im giving you all a quick blog before I head to bed, I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow and it doesnt help that we're going an hour a head. I've been busy with work, planning a spring gala and working on my taxes <-- I hate you! I've been watching True Blood alot... thank u SleeplessJ for getting me into that :P I went to Vichy school, havent been to one in years!!! I missed all the free stuff you get because they want you to try
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Thank You Teddy Bear 829

2Thank You Teddy Bear 829

Sorry! The sunlight created a weird green effect on my arm :(
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Food is the most important part of a wedding!

2Food is the most important part of a wedding!

     I hope you guys enjoyed the images I took in my hotel room while I was away for a wedding, I really do want to try and add more than just webcam pics and I really do take all your feedback seriously :) I was going to take a trip to Niagara falls in two weeks which = More pics for you guys, but I got a nice surprise from my taxes :( Have to pay my installments for next year already.. Boooo! I want to do something for my birthday in April, hoping to grab one of my favorite
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Boo to all the lazy people out there!

2Boo to all the lazy people out there!

      I sent out four resumes this morning and I have my figures crossed, I want to get into the hospital because than I would be set :D but its going to be hell for awhile since so many people are also applying... gah! Im checking the hospital every three days to see what new openings they have! Wish me luck :) Gas prices are so high now and it makes me want to sell my car to save $$, but I know I wont get much for it.. its so painfull that I paid 21,000 for my car and
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How was ur love day?

2How was ur love day?

    I hope u guys had an awesome Valentine's day :) Well I did!! I really wasnt expecting anything at all. I was going to do the samething I did last year which was work all day, but I got a basket full of goodies and flowers *yay* I got some gifts from my wishlist too ^_^ Oooo and I had some awesome Japanese food aswell, the Saki made me want to pass out. Now the only thing I wasnt feeling was all the raw chunks of fish, usually I have them in sushi or with rice.. I wasnt used to all
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My bitch has boots!

2My bitch has boots!

    I got chichi boots, but not for fashion... whenever I walk her during the winter her feet either get too cold or the salt on the side walk makes it too uncomfortable for her. Her boots make me laugh though! She looks like a turkey in this picture, it was the first time she tried them on... ignore my tired/makeup-less face! Oh and theres Choji, he likes to sit at the top of the couch.. both of them do, I think they secretly see themselves as cats :P Psssst... Chichi close ur
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STRIPPERS!! STRIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!STRIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2STRIPPERS!! STRIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!STRIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  While driving today the radio was sharing some facts about strippers and im going to pass along the info :) *Sharing is Caring*   * Canada has a Stripper shortage! Thats my calling   * 9 out of 10 Strippers are ASSAULTED! BY ME!!... ok maybe not :P   * They LIKE their jobs! They have the HIGHEST level of job satisfacton :)   * Most strippers are AGE 24   * Strippers make more OVULATING! I believe it!!!!!!!   * 1 out of 4 strippers dont have a College/
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    Decided to bring back my fanclub :D I know ur so happy right??? I'm back to sleeping in weird patterns :( I'm gonna make a promise to not touch my phone or laptop one to two hours before bed since its too distracting! Last night for example I was having fun reading this place on guys sharing their escort stories, I was actually interested in the horror stories and I have to admit I got kinda horny reading about how amazing some of these girls were. There were tons about girls
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Im pewped!

2Im pewped!

       For those of you who love me should know that im sick! I was emo today because I hate camming when im not feeling my best, im kind of a perfectionist and so it bothers me if my shows aren't perfect! Why did I work today? because I had Sunday and Monday off and I dont like taking too many days off because it makes me feel like im slacking, I also rather save my extra day off incase I get worse as in I cant talk at all... I've done that before and it was like b
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IM FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2IM FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  IM FREEEEEEEEEE! Not as in price, but as in im finally back to being a full time camgirl =) Its been along time waiting, now I can be here so much that u will hope I dissapear!!! :P I have noticed I've been making more pics than vids, so for now im gonna put more focus on my videos and like I've said if u have a request lemme know! Its past 5am and I should be in bed, goodnight!
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What the hell???

2What the hell???

     So I wake up today to a message saying I have the look for this magazine, they want an audition to see if I fit the part and its pin up style nude... wait for this! ITS FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Pshhhhh... Like im gonna do that for free, its one thing to ask me to pose for a magazine,  but to audition for something thats free? No thank u! I expecially love the part where it says "U have the look for this magazine" but I still need to audition haha!    &n
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       Incase u didnt know I was in Montreal last weekend to get my tattoo done and to also have a good time, I learned a lession: NEVER go with a friend when shes pmsing!! GEEZ!! She didnt bring her bathing suit, her gym clothes or any dancing clothes! Everything I wanted to do I couldnt because I would be left with the guilt of leaving her behind, also she was so bitchy! Well I got my tattoo! It isnt fully done, theres two things added and he touched up the girl i
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Bye Bye weekend!

2Bye Bye weekend!

           I've been working on some topless content for cwh, which has been taking me away from here *raises fist* Good news is that I got a camcorder for my birthday :) I already had one, but I wanted a small one that i can carry around with me and ofcourse its pink :P So no one will ever steal it cause it would make them look gay! My birthday is on Wednesday and I have no plans really, just gonna cam and maybe go out for dinner... I cant go all ou
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I escaped that evil place >:(

2I escaped that evil place >:(

Hello Darlings <3         Geez a lot has been going on! Well im glad to say that i quit my other job, not too proud of it though because I just left and didnt finish the rest of my shifts. I was happy when I first started on there until I found out how evil my boss was to these girls, shes one of those ppl that live a very shitty life and takes it out on others :( somehow making girls cry makes her feel happy? Well she would be fun to work with if u lik
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Boo Hoo!

2Boo Hoo!

      Im pretty sad I didnt get to cam today, if any of u know me well enough u will know I hate not working >:( My parents always focused on work that now they dropped it down to me. I cant do nothing, it drives me nuts... I have had *lazy* days and I beat myself up for it after :( I look up to ppl who are always so laid back *I dont mean lazy*the ones who are well off and comfortable, with very little worries!       Today I went to the gym
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