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Valentina Valentine
Valentina Valentine
28 Years Old, United States
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Life as a rolling stone in limbo. Some things you NEED to know! :P

2Life as a rolling stone in limbo. Some things you NEED to know! :P

Well, I've been a bit down and out and I've had too, *gasp*, move back in with my parents! So I've been camming out of hotels twice a week. Yay! I suppose I could save myself the trouble and cam from my parent's house if I really wanted too, however, I'm not sure how they'd react to my dirty talk and moaning. You know what, it would definitely make for awkward dinners. So it's totally worth the investment to get a hotel room a couple of nights a week so I can actually talk on cam! I'm n
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My summer in PICTURES!

2My summer in PICTURES!

Here are bits and pieces of my summer in pictures. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!! :) :)   Oops!! Forgot to add this one... ;) Me trying on a bikini in VS (Yeah yeah! I got it!! :P)   This was the beginning of the summer. One of my best gf's and I at a rooftop party in Manhattan. Our boobies weren't the only incredible view that night. haha. It was so beautiful being able to look out at the entire city lit up at night!!   Me shooting the sig! I actually did hit the t
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Hey, hey!! (picture included)

2Hey, hey!! (picture included)

Just wanna let you all know why I haven't been on cam lately. I've been having sort of a rough time. Some family issues to sum it up... I've been pretty upset so it's been hard for me to get on cam. I'm sure I will work through it soon though. I'm going to be spending some time at Veronica's house for a bit so I'm going to try and get on while I'm there this week. Love and miss you all... Hope you understand!! <3 And just to make this more exciting... Here's an old school picture of Veronica
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My travels!

2My travels!

I've missed you all since I haven't been around too much lately! I've got some down time now so I figured I'd update you all. I was in Denver last week visiting some friends... soo awesome (except the part where my friend used my body lotion to jerk off)... He really didn't need to tell me that lmao. But anyways, weed is pretty much legal in Denver. It's insane. I consider Denver the Amsterdam of America. You could walk down the streets past police officers smoking joints and NO ONE cared at a
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Life and some really hot pics!

2Life and some really hot pics!

So!! I'm attempting to stay up until tomorrow night because I woke up at 3pm today... I hate hate hate being such a vampire lol but it's sooo tough to change because I've been this way since I was little. So hopefully, I can stay up until like 9pm tomorrow night and then fall asleep and wake up early the next day... It probably won't happen but I'm going to give it a good try :P Even when I do fix my schedule it always goes back to the usual vampire schedule within a week... Ahhh, I'm destined t
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Happy New Year!

2Happy New Year!

Wow, so I pretty much had zero time to myself over the holidays! I went and visited family and could not find time to get on cam. I rarely see them as much as I'd like anymore so it was really nice! My little bro even bought me an Xmas gift which I didn't expect at all because he doesn't make a ton of money at his job. It was really thoughtful of him. He got me a new digital camera since my old one went to shit and kept taking blurry pictures for some reason, so I'm definitely going to take adva
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2V I P

So!! My attractive male friend has a much older sugar mama!! haha, that is right!! Go him, right?! LOL. She's pretty cool, but you kind of just have to nod your head and smile a lot because she's a bit hard to understand because english is her second language. She's asian so she took us to this asian karaoke joint, where we had our own private VIP room equipped with karaoke, just for us! :D What a blast! Hahha, I was just extremely confused when songs that were not in english would come on and I
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The cure for anger...

2The cure for anger...

Seriously guys, FUCK anger management... fuck punching a pillow or whatever they tell you. SOMETIMES... you! It's so weird, but lately, every time I've been in a bad mood I've had sex and it's like this relief that comes over me Lol... NOTHING can bother me after that. Being mad about things seems sooo stupid after I have a nice hard cock in me! So if you're ever angry, FUCK. Okay? Okay! ;)    
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Happy birthday to meeee!!

2Happy birthday to meeee!!

So I just had my birthday... Yes, I'm a Valentine's baby... I actually felt like I was getting old until I tried to get into this club on Saturday night to celebrate and the bouncer didn't believe that my REAL ID was real lol. He thought it was fake and was grilling me about what year i graduated high school and how old I was and what my address was. It was pretty crazy haha, so at least I don't look old! :D I had lots of fun... took a few too many birthday cake shots though! For those of you w
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Hanging with some sexy camgirls!!

2Hanging with some sexy camgirls!!

I am so excited for this weekend!! I get to see one of my BFFs Angelina and I'm also meeting Brianna for the first time too... I get the feeling this weekend is going to be trooouble hehehe. But in a good way of course! Partying, hottubbing.... oooooo!! Angelina and I will most likely be on cam together because we can't get enough of eachother and we figured we'd share eachother with you boys! (Aren't we sweet??) Anyways, we'll be sure to take plenty of pictures... and I'll post them here next
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New year... new decade! Bring it on!

2New year... new decade! Bring it on!

Hey guys!! Happy New Year!! Yeahh!! I actually made some New Years resolutions and I've been sticking with them! My resolutions are to eat healthier, work out more (Oh my god I am sooo sore from working out! haha) and to learn self control lol. I'm a very impulsive person and it sometimes gets me into trouble so I'm trying to work on that. So far, I've been doing pretty good, even though it's only been a couple of weeks. I rang in the new year by spending it with some good friends at a club...
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